Complete the Challenge of Whatsapp and win 1.8 crore rupees

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Most of all use WhatsApp, but you know, you can win millions of dollars on it. WhatsApp did not restrict its platform to chat only, but WhatsApp can also be used for business communication.

Whatsapp has launched a business app. In addition, it helps people to start the start-up. So Whatsapp has launched a separate business app even last year. This business app has many business apps attached. Which can be used to increase business.

Whatsapp has organized the start-up India Whatsapp Ground Challenge for Indian users. This competition has been organized in India for the development of the start-up as well as in the field of industry. The top five winners of this competition will be paid a prize money of Rs 1.8 crore. This competition has been started for all types of entrepreneurs, including fields such as health service, rural, economy, financial, digital, education and civil defense.

Whatsapp recently said in its media release, “Recent ideas are entrepreneurs and business models that address local problems and compromise large-scale socio-economic problems can participate in the competition” Let me tell you, You can register for the contest by March 2019.

Selection Process:

– Competition participants will be organized by the independent evaluation committee.

– 30 best ideas from the selected application will be selected for the next list and will be taken in the top-10 in the next round.

– Top-5 winners will be selected in the final round. They will be given a prize of 50 thousand US dollars (about 35.6 lakh). Total winners will be given a total of Rs.1.8 crores.

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